Eco Day

Green Boxer, Eco DayThis was organised by the “Genesis Project” which is an organisation set up to promote the Haverfield and Brentford Towers Estates. Their objectives are to draw attention to poverty, the lack of facilities for children, young people and families, the physical environment and social isolation in the area.

The Eco Day was a local event aimed at the community with the main aim to provide information about green issues and the environment – and basically to give young people a day out!

BRAG took a stand at the event and provided entertainment in the form of the wormery, which is always a crowd-puller. We devised a game whereby various used household items were to be sorted into their recyclable or otherwise categories and a certificate was issued to the children who got them right. This provided a great deal of discussion! Richard Lee, Hounslow’s Senior Community Environment Officer, brought along a machine which made badges from hand drawn images – names and worms were very popular themes! – and this was a great success!

The star of the show was, of course, the Green Boxer (see picture).

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