Minutes, Jan 2009

Brentford Recycling Action Group
Minutes of Meeting at
The Meeting Room, Brentford Dock
@ 7pm on Tuesday 6 January 2009

Attending: Douglas Benford; Patti Horsnell; Rukmini West; Kathleen Richardson; Hugh Picton; Paul Richens; Virginia Fassnidge; Sarah Hoyle; Naomi Hawkins & Cindy Gardener, LBH.





Minutes of last meeting agreed.


Apologies for Absence: Brian Hutchins, Ruth Hoyle,  Simon Storey, Diana Leap


Meetings: Hugh changed the arrangements for our meeting to another room at Brentford Dock because the Directors Meeting Room would have been very cold.  Thanks again to Hugh for his thoughtfulness.


Noticeboard: The Christmas one must be changed.  A suggestion was made that perhaps we could use a “no dumping” theme next time in view of the abuse of the recycling site at Somerfield currently.


Canal side Recycling: This was raised with the officers from the recycling team who will follow up with the new contractor, SITA. NH CG


Recycling Collections in the future: Naomi and Cindy showed us samples of the proposed bags, boxes etc for the new service which will come into effect at the beginning of March.  Publicity leaflets will be distributed by 15th January and subsequently until end February. Please advise Naomi if you or your neighbours don’t receive any of these.

We should continue to monitor SITA’s performance in our areas and keep the Recycling Team at LBH informed.

The state of the recycling site at Somerfield was discussed – Recycling Team said they would look into new signage and ask field officers to keep a closer watch for “dumpers”.  The site is cleaned regularly and dumped stuff removed.

We should write to our local Councillors to remind them of the new contract which has now been implemented and plans for the future of recycling (Green boxes, food waste, garden waste, plastics, general rubbish etc.)  Paul will draft.Bring forward at a later meeting.



Sonic Recycler: the next one will be held at Watermans on Saturday 9 May 2009.  Suggestions/ recommendations for additional stalls are still requested.  Please continue to consider nominations and let us know who would be good representatives of complementary products/organizations for future discussion in addition to brag, FOE etc.  Luke Kirton to be asked if he would like to use the event for a Westplay children’s activity. DB ALL


Reestore: We received a follow up email from Max McMurdo re his invention “ben the bin” – a device to support plastic bags to hold other items. Suggestion for a response was that similar products have been seen by brag members since his was launched (they sell one at Eco-St) and on principle we don’t support the use of plastic carrier bags.  Hounslow promote the use of cotton shopping bags which they supply free. PH


Future Events: The Recycling Team at Hounslow, Naomi Hawkins, Principal Waste and Recycling Officer (Waste), Nicola Taylor, Principal Waste and Recycling Officer (Recycling) and Cindy Gardener, Business Support Manager (Waste Management), will keep us notified with information about road shows/events as they are arranged for 2009 so that we can make arrangements to join in and help.


Young Green Voices: Sarah outlined the possibilities of running this project again, which we are keen to do. She will prepare a budget and let us have details so that we can finalise at next meeting.  The Recycling team said they would look into the cost of printing at LBH and distribution with Hounslow Matters and/or incorporating in HM. SH


Leaflet Distribution: Discuss leaflet distribution at Brentford Station at next meeting. PR

NEXT MEETING Tuesday 3 February 2009

to start at 7pm in the Directors Meeting Room, Brentford Dock (directions December minutes)

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