Minutes, May 2010

Brentford Recycling Action Group
Minutes of Meeting held at
The Directors’ Meeting Room, Brentford Dock
@ 7pm on Tuesday 4 May 2010

Attending: Patti Horsnell, Hugh Picton,  Rukmini West,  Douglas Benford,  Diana Leap, Virginia Fassnidge, Lyndon Capewell, London Borough of Hounslow

No Topics Action
1 Minutes of last meeting agreed.
2 Apologies for Absence: Michelle Aspinall-Baker, Sara Ward, Paul Richens, Kath Richardson
3 Noticeboard: Diana will continue to contact the schools about their future participation but in the meantime plans are being made to change the current display with a theme of waste cooking oil and fat. Lyndon will let us know Council policy on disposal of this domestic waste. DL /PH/LC
4 Canal side Recycling: Facilities have been provided at the Hollows, which is riverside, towards Kew Bridge. We explained to Lyndon what we had intended at the canal side near the Island development. He will discuss back at the office and with SITA and let us know. LC
5 Give and Take Day: Definitely agreed in principle thatBrentford Dock will hold such an event but it is still on hold. Hugh will keep us posted. HP
6 St Paul’s May Fayre: This will be held in St Paul’s Recreation Ground on Saturday 22 May from noon to 4:00 pm. Amongst the attractions this year are free donkey rides, hot food from Feltham & Whitton Lions Club, cream tea, cakes and sandwiches from the Open House Cafe, St Pauls, jewellery, toys, books,  live music from classic rock pop band Bang to Rights,  live music from salsa band Havana Good Time,  street dance groups Alumnae and ADU,  local magician Tim Barnes.

Many local groups will be running stalls and The Mayor of Hounslow will be present along with the Brentford Toy Library, The Alzheimer Society and Speak Out in Hounslow who encourage people with learning difficulties to take part in and have a voice in their community. The Teddy Bear Fair, raising funds for the special care baby unit at the West Middlesex Hospital, will also be present. Have a great day out with all the family!

St Paul’s school will hold its Annual fair on Saturday 19th June.

7 St George’s Day Celebrations: The Brentford event was a great success! The weather was good and hopefully it can be repeated next year!

The Ivybridge Estate Event was also a tremendous success – thestarbeing Diana who inspired the children into making art works out of junk.Thanks to everyone!

8 Caterers Food Waste: It is very disturbing that food and packaging left over from public functions is not collected for recycling. After the local elections we should write drawing the Council’s attention to this and requesting action. Draft paragraphs are requested which will be discussed at the June Meeting. Lyndon hoped to look into the policies of the Civic Centre’s catering arrangements. ALL, LC
9 Recycling site at Morrisons: a letter from a resident concerning the continuing poor state of this area with fly tipping was presented to the meeting. Lyndon was able to report that the Council’s contractor for this site, SITA, is fulfilling their requirement to clear up the area when they replace the containers. Additional collections take place, plastics now being collected on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Discussion followed on what to do about combating the fly tipping, Hugh suggested that Brentford Business Watch might be consulted on the use of CCTV in conjunction with Morrisons and LBH.
10 Children’s Gardening Club: Hugh has suggested that we apply for a grass roots grant to fund a children’s Gardening club on Brentford Dock.  This could involve 10 – 12 youngsters aged between 6 and 12 who could learn about gardens and gardening, composting, wormeries etc. The gardening committee of the Dock would assist and we hope to be able to persuade Paul Richens to help educate, too. HP

NEXT MEETING Tuesday 1 June 2010

to start at 7pm in the Directors’ Meeting Room, Brentford Dock

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