Minutes, Sep 2011

Brentford Recycling Action Group
Minutes of Meeting held in the Directors Meeting Room,
Brentford Dock
7pm on Tuesday 6 September 2011

Attending: Patti Horsnell, Douglas Benford, Hugh Picton, Rukmini West, Virginia Fassnidge, Catharine Browne, Sophie Rouhaud, Alex Rigge, LBH

No Topics Action
1 Minutes of last meeting agreed.
2 Apologies for Absence: Michelle Aspinall-Baker, Paul Richens,  Cindy Gardener, LBH, Samantha Langton & Jenny Illman, Brentford Dock Management
3 Annual General Meeting: As last year, we agreed we should hold this during the duration of theEuropean Week for Waste Reduction, which is from 19 to 27 November. We selected Tuesday, 22 November and would like to hear of any reason why this date would not be a good one. We discussed speakersto invite and agreed Sarah Dickinson, WLWA; Mel Collins, Councillor for Brentford who is the Council’s spokesman on carbon pollution; an update from Head of the Recycling team, Naomi Hawkins (in the absence of Natasha who is on maternity leave). Any other recommendations?
4 Give and Take Day, Brentford Dock: In abeyance for the present.  However, West London Waste is considering the possibility of organising such an event, with perhaps a “swishing” event, too. They will keep us informed.
5 New Homeowners Packs:The Waste and Recycling Team have been discussing the feasibility of producing a folder, similar to the one brag had, to be distributed borough-wide.This is now on hold due to potential service changes in 2012. CG
6 BRAG web site: We invited Kath to update the site, which she has agreed to do.  Catharine has volunteered to help with the research/amendments so she and Patti will get together with Kath to progress this work. PH KR CB
7 Noticeboard: The next promotion will be the new calendar, the theme of which is Bulky Waste and will be delivered with the Waste Collection Commitment. Alex will let us have some publicity material and he is looking into the possibility of replacing theheader.It was suggested a little while ago that we might join the anti-plastic bag campaign which was recently revived. We could use this as a noticeboard feature at a future date. AR HP PH
8 Transition Town: They will soon switch all Transition Brentford related announcements to a new Google Group system. If you’d like to keep on receiving notifications from Transition Brentford, you can join the G- Group, by sending an email to: transition-town-brentford+subscribe@googlegroups.com.For any further information, please email: communityfoodgrowers@gmail.com ALL


Hounslow Recycling Team: No events are planned for the Recycling Team at present.  Alex did let us know that one of their field officers had recently left and the post is unlikely to be refilled. ALL
10 BRENTFORD FESTIVAL: Was held on Sunday 4 September 12:00 to 17:00.  The worms, as always, were the stars of the show!  Thank you, Paul. Apart from the rain, we considered it a very successful day! ALL
11 Outer London Fund: Further information regarding the funding which has been granted to LB Hounslow by The Outer London Fund appeared on BrentfordTW8.com. Hopefully Andrew will be able to give us more details at the next meeting. AD
12 Diana Leap Green Champion Award: The committee agreed that the names of nominees should be entered in a “sealed bid” format. Please let us have your nominations, in sealed envelopes, in time for the next meeting. ALL

NEXT MEETING Tuesday 4 October 2011

to start at 7pm in the Directors’ Meeting Room, Brentford Dock

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