Brentford Archaeology

On the 19 th of June the Museum of London is starting a project in Brentford that will see local volunteers looking at and reorganising archaeological finds discovered on Brentford High Street in the 1970s. These objects are normally stored at the Museum’s Archaeological Archive (officially the largest in the world!) so this is a one off opportunity to access them in their original context.

If you’re interested in this project there are four ways that you can get involved:

  •  Come along to the Docking Station on the 17 th and 18 th of July, where you can see the finds being packed for yourselves.
  •  Visit Gunnersbury Museum on the 22 ndof July where we will be running various activities with the archaeological material.
  • Ask us to organise a visit to your group. We could come to you during the day or the early evening on Thursdays to talk you through some of the archaeology we store.
  • Volunteer on the project yourself.

Lucy Sawyer

Archaeology Collections Manager (Inclusion)
Museum of London
46 Eagle Wharf Road
London N1 7ED
Tel: 0207 566 9316

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