Free Compost Awareness Day

Celebrate Compost Awareness Week and give your garden a green boost by picking up some FREE compost at the London Borough of Hounslow’s compost giveaway day on Saturday 12 May 2012.

Come along and pick up your FREE compost at Hounslow Heath Nature Reserve car park in Frampton Road, Hounslow, TW4 5RB from 10am-2pm.

Please bring a shovel and some containers, bags, boxes or whatever you can find to carry your compost home in.

There will be a maximum of 4 bags per visit or at Hounslow’s discretion.

Compost helps to improve soil structure and has everything plants need to help them grow. It is also good for the environment.

On the day you will also be able to:
• Find out more about home composting
• Make biodegradable newspaper plantpots for your seedlings
• Bring the children along and meet Composting Claire
• See a display wormery in action and find out more about vermicomposting.

For further information about the day please email:

6 thoughts on “Free Compost Awareness Day

  1. Thanks for posting this Kath, in other Composty News a group of newly trained Compost Champions – (thanks to Paul Richens, South West London Environment Network and West London Waste) will be on hand at the following locations and dates to give compost advice and sign up interested people to become part of the composting network. Also there are some great prizes up for grabs, come along to one of the events to find out more!!

    5th May – Syon Park and Osterly Park garden centres
    6th May – Orleans House Spring Safari in Twickenham
    6th May – Isleworth Fayre
    7th May – Petersham Nurseries
    9th May – Sow Good Garden – Hounslow Dome, Heston
    12th May – Twickenham Farmers Market
    13th May – Chiswick House Big May Fayre
    13th May – Ham House Sow and Grow event
    15th May – Richmond Park Jubilee Fair

    Did I mention there were some great PRIZES!!

    Any Qs email me:

    Composting Champion!

      • I’m glad to see that people use that hunrumae compost on plants. It is even safe for vegetables too but people only use it on fruit trees. What a waste!Anyway, I’m planning on starting a food forest in the not so far future. With permaculture, rain harvesting, swales, dams, organic pest control, hunrumae compost supplied to every crop in my food forest garden (vegetables, fruit trees, eadible weeds, shrubs, etc, everything). Low impact and simplicity is very appealing to me.

      • It’s not so much that they let it rot for so long. If you get the temperature to 188 deeergs Fahrenheit (sugar will help accomplish this, like molasses) it’ll give the microbes plenty of energy and you’ll kill the harmful pathogens. Composted human feces is the best compost because it’s full of complex stuff, because we humans eat pretty much anything and everything.

    • You know what would be cool, a small ditch digger that you could dig say one or two foot deep theecrns, put your compost in there, then plant in rows on top of the filled theecrns. That would remove most of the stigma about using it on vegetables.

  2. I have been composting huunmare for the last 3 years. The amazing thing is to think that that everything you eat is turning into compost and enriching the garden. Any food you buy is like buying fertilizer. After watching my gardens response, I have come to thing that many gardens are actually underfertilized.

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