Minutes, July 2012

Brentford Recycling Action Group
Minutes of Meeting held in the Directors’ Meeting Room
Brentford Dock
on Tuesday 3 July 2012 

Attending: Patti Horsnell, Douglas Benford, Hugh Picton, Catharine Browne, Dilys Matthews, Cindy Gardener, LBH,





Minutes of last meeting agreed.   


Apologies for Absence: Kath Richardson,  Michelle Aspinall-Baker, Paul Richens,  Rukmini West, Virginia Fassnidge, Andrew Dakers, Samantha Langton and Jenny Illman (Brentford Dock Management), Sara Ward  


Give and Take Day, Brentford Dock: Remains in abeyance  


BRAG web site: Hugh and Patti will complete the application for the grant during the next couple of weeks. We anticipate that, if granted, it will cover the cost of regular newsletters, maintain the website, events etc. HP PH


Noticeboard: We have some new posters promoting real nappies which will be displayed soon. We really need some new material for the noticeboard – one suggestion is the dangers of plastic bags – Rukmini will research relevant websites, press etc., looking for articles/pictures etc that we can utilise. We would like to make Brentford a “plastic bag free” area and ideas to help promote this recommendation would be appreciated. HP    RW


BRAG NEWSLETTER: We plan to be able to produce the next edition in time to publicise the AGM in November.   


Brentford picnic: Please keep in mind that, as Brentford Carnival 2012 has been cancelled, we will join the picnic which will take place in Boston Manor Park, all participants providing their own refreshments, on Sunday afternoon 2nd September.  Details to be finalised at the August meeting.  


WLWA: Kitty Tessler attended the training session for Love Food Hate Waste arranged by Sarah Ellis and has sent us a memory stick containing the presentations but without the commentary which accompanies the slides it is not of great value.  As we understand it, this session was intended to train people to train others so we felt it might be more beneficial if this was presented to us.    More full response to Kitty to be drafted.      We have not yet had the promised feedback from WLWA about the Swishing Event which Sarah and Kate said they would let us have. Cindy said she would remind Sarah. PH


“Tiffin Clubs”: Andrew would like to promote the use non disposable containers for take-away food from restaurants and fast food establishments.  Sami’s Spice, a new establishment on the High Street, will be approached with a view to starting up such a scheme. As Andrew was unable to report at this meeting we will bring forward to next time. AD


Summer Solstice 2012 Party: This was held from 5:00 PM on Friday June 22, 2012  until Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 7:00 AM (GMT) at the  Docking Station, High Street, Brentford. Reports from a performer and an attendee were good but we will wait for Andrew’s views. AD


AGM 2012: We made a provisional date of Tuesday 13 or Tuesday 20 November. We would be grateful for any information why either of these might not be suitable and we are checking that there isn’t a clash with other local events, e.g. St Faith’s Christmas Fair, or a home football match etc. We would also be pleased to hear if there is a particular subject any member would like to hear about or name a speaker who might be of interest to us. ALL


Local events: Hugh reminded us that St Paul’s School fete is being held on Saturday 7th July and the Ivybridge Estate’s Fun Day will be on Sunday 15th from 12:00 to 4:00.  And please remember, the Olympic Torch is coming through Brentford on Tuesday 24th July, about 10:30 am. ALL


NEXT MEETING Tuesday 7 August 2012

to start at 7pm in the Directors’ Meeting Room, Brentford Dock

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