Abundance Fruit Day at Dukes Meadows Farmers Market

Abundance London announces:

Sunday 21st October 10-2pm at Dukes Meadows Farmers Market

This year, partly in response to the paucity of apples, we are not doing our big full-on Fruit Day as we usually do at St Michael’s. Instead we will be joining forces with Dukes Meadows Farmers Market to celebrate the season. We will be pressing juice, doing appley activities (bobbing, peeling, apple decorating) and offering a great selection of preserves and goodies. Less apple chutney, more plum jam! We are also offering, for the first time, a Foraging Walk at 1pm. If you would like to sign up, contact abundancebookings@gmail.com. Suggested voluntary donation of £5, payable on the day (or not, up to you).

Oh, and did we already mention it? We have just been dubbed one of London’s top foraging groups by Time Out magazine: http://www.timeout.com/london/feature/1532/londons-best-foraging-groups


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