Recycle your Inhalers

Did you know approx 73 million inhalers are used in the UK every year, for asthma and other respiratory conditions? If you use them, you can now recycle them for the first time in a new scheme, instead of sending them to landfill.
GSK is running the first recycling and recovery scheme for all respiratory inhalers.

The inhalers will be collected as part of routine deliveries – so no extra miles are travelled in the administration of this scheme. The inhalers will be taken to a waste management company to be sorted for recycling or recovery. Recovery means using the non-recyclable inhaler waste as a fuel or other means to generate energy. GSK will recycle or recover every respiratory inhaler collected, including those manufactured by other companies.

You can visit Complete the Cycle to determine your local participating pharmacy which includes:

Tesco, Gillette Corner
Superdrug, 96-98 Ealing Broadway
Superdrug 262 Upper Richmond Rd
Boots, Ealing Broadway Centre
Superdrug, Ealing Broadway

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