French FoE shows consumers how to fight planned obsolescence

Calling all French speakers! Amis de la Terre (Friends of the Earth France) has launched a consumer guide to avoiding planned obsolescence in everyday products. Called Comment sortir de l’obsolescence programmée?*, the guide offers tried-and-tested advice, including to avoid throw-away products, buy simply produced goods (so there are fewer parts to go wrong), purchase reparable and good-quality products, and take part in borrowing-and-lending schemes such as Streetbank (see earlier BRAGonline article).

The guide is the latest in a series of publications about waste avoidance published by Amis de la Terre and aims to fill a gap while draft legislation on the “circular economy”, part of France’s energy-transition law, is going through the legislative process. Amis de la Terre is pushing for the law to contain measures to promote the repair industry and to extend the standard warranty period for goods from two to 10 years. It also wants planned obsolescence to become a punishable offence.

*Loosely translated as “How Can We Avoid Planned Obsolescence?”

To download the guide:

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