One Free Load of Waste Each Year

From 8 June, Hounslow residents will be able to bring one van load of bulky household waste per calendar year free of charge for disposal at Space Waye, the borough’s reuse and recycling centre.

Up until June, residents had to pay for the collection of bulky waste or were charged when they brought it themselves to Space Waye.

Cllr Amrit Mann, Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council and Cabinet Member for Environment said he hoped people would see the difference on Hounslow’s streets following the introduction of the freebie. He said:

“Fly tipping is a problem across London and Hounslow is no exception.  We listened when people told us that they dump their rubbish instead of taking it to Space Waye because of the collection and waste fee. By giving all residents one free van load of rubbish this will make our streets more attractive, cleaner and safer. But it will not stop us from monitoring known fly tipping hot spots and issuing fines when we catch people dumping rubbish – and we will catch them!”

If residents want to bring a van of waste a second time (or more) they’ll be charged at the current trade / building waste disposal rate.

For more information about bulky waste contact Space Waye reuse and recycling centre on 020 8890 0917.

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