Surfers Against Sewage mounts campaign to reduce plastic waste

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) has launched a campaign, called Message in a Bottle, to encourage the introduction of deposit-return systems for single-use plastic bottles in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The campaign aims to educate the public, and via a survey and social media actions, show public support for the system, under which a small deposit of between 10–20p would be added to the purchase price of drinks containers.

Consumers would be provided with opportunities to easily reclaim their deposit when they dispose of the product at collection points.SAS claims that deposit-return system could contribute to the elimination of plastic bottles and other containers that litter beaches and waterways, ensuring they are returned to the manufacturer for reuse or recycling. The implementation of the system would protect the environment, save a valuable resource and save local authorities money, according to the group.

You can show your support for the scheme by signing this petition.

Surfers Against Sewage plans to present petition to its All Party Parliamentary Group in summer 2017.

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