December 2016 minutes

Brentford Recycling Action Group
Minutes of Meeting held in the Toll House, Brentford Lock
on Tuesday 6th December 2016

Attending: Patti Horsnell, Hugh Picton, Douglas Benford, Rukmini West, Virginia Fassnidge, Catharine Browne, Wendy Mackenzie, Malcolm Crofts

No Topics Action
1 Minutes of last meeting agreed.
2 Apologies for Absence: Michelle Aspinall-Baker, Paul Richens, Andrew Dakers, Kath Richardson, Chelsea Edwards, Philippa Hurman, Sam Thomas, Canal and River Trust, Cllr. Steve Curran
3 Noticeboard and questions for LBH: Cllr. Steve Curran had agreed to attend this meeting as a follow-up to the meeting Hugh and Patti had with him in October.  Unfortunately, due to other Council commitments, he was unable to attend but another arrangement will be made for early in the new year.

Regarding the noticeboard and Morrisons, we have been in communication with the current manager, Martin Amphlett, of the Brentford store and await developments. Follow up emails have been sent without reply. Patti will keep trying.

4 Marie Curie Coffee Mornings: These continue to be held successfully every month in the Brentford Dock club room to raise funds. The next one will be on Monday 19th December from 10:30 to 12:30.   Please attend if you can, a very good cause to support and they do make very good cake! ALL
5 Soup Lunches: Also held at Brentford Dock club room on the 4th Thursday of the month from 1:00 to 2:30, next one 22nd December. Very good value, homemade soup and bread – and cakes! – all for £3! ALL
6 Recycling in Flats: BRAG and the LBH recycling team will pursue this. Recycling facilities at Brook Court and Braemar Court in Brook Road South, Downside Walk and other new developments are really essential. Please be aware of new development and bring to our attention. ALL
7 Future project: It was proposed that, since the junior school pupils who contributed to Young Green Voices have now probably started at University, we should think about encouraging more young people in the benefits of recycling etc.  Douglas suggested that we could do something similar to the magazines but on line. Please consider any ideas and recommendations which we will discuss at a future meeting, probably in the new year. In the meantime, please think about ways to do this. ALL
8 Newsletter: It was mentioned that as we have not produced a Newsletter for some time (2014) we should think about another edition.  There are many possible topics for inclusion: food waste/supermarkets, Cultivate London, pollution – other ideas? We should discuss in detail, cost, distribution, editorship – and anything else. Catharine did an excellent job last time with limited resources and difficulties with the computer aspects of production but we must try to find a suitable publishing program. ALL
9 Restart Project: This came up in conversation re. a recent item in the media about Sweden promoting repair instead of replacementThis is something BRAG have been advocating for a very long time so maybe it is time to resurrect and re-promote – suggestions and nominations could be another project?  This was discussed – Virginia has some information on this as Ealing’s Friends of the Earth are preparing a demonstration for local Cubs and she will report back afterwards.  It was suggested that we could combine with Cathja on the High Street and try to recruit some helpers/repairers.  Bring forward in 2017. ALL
10 AGM: This was held on Tuesday 22nd November, 7pm at Brickfield Community Centre, Brickfield Close, Brentford, TW8 8JN. Our guest speaker, Paul Richens, gave an excellent “Does your houseplant know you’re there?” lesson! The new Recycling Officer at LBH, Melanie Gadd, was unable to attend at the last minute but Alysse Strachan, Senior Environmental Contracts Manager and Ian Dudding, Resource and Recycling Manager, attended and brought  us up to date with LBH’s current waste management situation.  They were also able to answer some of the questions we had asked the councillors last June. They have agreed to come to more of our meetings in the future – they will be more than welcome!
11 Composting: It was suggested that the compost produced from collected green waste could be sold to residents which would raise revenue for the Council.  This did happen successfully in the past and there were also several occasions when residents were invited to a local site and help themselves to as much as they wanted.  This was also successful. We will suggest that the Recycling Team may wish to repeat this practice.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 3rd January 2017
to start at 7pm in the Toll House, Brentford Lock

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