Digging the Dirt

Digging the Dirt is an award-winning production by Multi Story Theatre Company that will be performed on Sunday 4th March at 7pm at the Brentford and Isleworth Quaker Meeting House, Quakers Lane, London Road, Isleworth TW7 5AZ.

The play, a mixture of fable and political commentary, provokes questions about the world we’re making for ourselves.

A couple from a time past try to dig themselves a brighter future whilst a couple from time present face the repercussions of whistle-blowing.  The impulse to make the world a better place comes up against the challenges inherent in working together.

Rooted in both historical and contemporary events – the C17th Digger movement and the C21st leaking of state secrets – the twin stories twist around each other as the pressure builds. What do you give up in the name of freedom? How far do you compromise to protect your principles?

Tickets are free. Suggested donation £5

To book, ring 07812 833635 or 07421 767062

Getting there:

Buses: 110, 235, 237, 267, E8, H28 to Busch Corner.

Parking: Quaker Lane

Syon Lane
South West Trains to Waterloo
1/4 mile

Piccadilly Line
1 1/2 miles

Overground and District Line
1 1/2 miles
and then buses 235 or 267 to Busch Corner

Hounslow East
Piccadilly line
1 1/2 miles
and then buses 235, 237, E8 to Busch Corner

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