Hubbub launches campaign to tackle litter in UK waterways

Environmental charity Hubbub has launched the first of a series of campaigns to help reduce the amount of litter going into the UK’s waterways.

According to Hubbub, 300 tonnes of rubbish is cleared from the Thames each year.  Typical city rubbish – small pieces of litter such as travel tickets, food wrappers, disposable crockery and cigarette butts – are a particular problem.The campaign, #FFSLDN (For Fish’s Sake London), is supported by the Port of London Authority and backed by the British Plastics Federation, INCPEN, Natural Hydration Council, St Katharine Docks and Tobacco Manufacturers Association.

 #FFSLDN is calling on Londoners to help stem the flow of litter into the Thames. People are being urged to:
* Use the bin – not the gutter, not the river, not the pavement
* If people see some litter and they are near a bin – pick it up
* If the bin is full, find another one or take the litter home

#FFSLDN will run May-September 2017. The organisers plan to create a model that will work in any town or city with a waterway.

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