LBH recycling roadshow at Morrisons: Update

Members of the London Borough of Hounslow’s waste and recycling team held a roadshow on Thursday, 6 July, from 10am to 3pm, in front of Morrisons supermarket in Brentford to provide advice on the new recycling service and fortnightly collection.

Here are the answers to some recycling questions posed by a BRAG member:

Batteries: Not collected, so please don’t put in bag with small electrical items. Take to supermarkets or other shops. Or recycling centres.
Shredded paper: No longer collected separately. Put in with food waste.
Toner cartridges: Were never actually recycled as they’re hard plastic (like videocassettes). Take to shops, eg Rymans, or  recycling centres. It does not look as if the Space Waye recycling centre takes these, though Townmead, Greenford and Acton appear to.
Cooking oil: Take to recycling centres.

Non-recyclable waste is sent to landfill abroad (LBH did not say where), as it’s cheaper than here.

Space Waye is accessible only by vehicles.


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