Ecover introduces washing-up bottle made with 50% ocean plastic

Ecover, a manufacturer of household cleaning products, has launched a washing-up-liquid bottle made with 50% plastic waste that has washed up on and been collected from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The remaining 50% is recycled plastic.

The Belgium-based company has also announced a number of commitments in support of its ambition to rethink the way we use plastic, including using only 100% recycled plastic in all its bottles by 2020.

Ecover launched its first limited-edition Ocean Washing-Up Liquid bottle in 2014, containing 10% ocean plastic, with the plastic waste collected by fishermen in the North Sea. The bottle, which costs about £2, is on sale in selected Tesco stores nationwide.

As well as raising awareness of the growing problem of plastic in our oceans, Ecover is aiming to tackle the source of the problem – overdependence on plastic  – through a series of commitments.

In 2018, Ecover will introduce 100% recycled plastic to its main washing-up-liquid range, and in all its products by 2020. The company is also aiming to introduce alternative bio-sourced and biodegradable packaging (which do not rely on plastic) by 2020.

Since 2012, Ecover has been using 100% reusable, recyclable plastic for its bottles, with almost all bottles made from 25% recycled content and 75% renewable plant-based plastic.


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