TerraCycle helps you recycle ‘non-recyclables’

TerraCycle partners with manufacturers to recycle the “non-recyclable” – items that are usually consigned to landfill or incineration.  In some cases product packaging can be returned to shops, but it’s also possible for volunteers to set up a drop-off point and earn money for charity.

Our nearest drop-off point is St Thomas’ Church, 182 Boston Road, Hanwell W7 2AD. You can leave the following items in the front porch (ring for collection hours on 020 3302 1040): Tassimo T-discs and outer packaging, Kenco Waste; any brand of baby food pouches; any brand of biscuit wrapper; any brand of plastic pet food pouch or flexible plastic pet food bag. Funds raised will go to the church organ appeal.

Please note that each waste stream should be bagged separately and that baby and pet food pouches should be washed clean.

For more information go to: https://www.terracycle.co.uk/en-GB/




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