September 2019 minutes

Brentford Recycling Action Group
Minutes of Meeting held in the
Meeting Room, Brentford Dock      
on Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Attending:   Patti Horsnell, Douglas Benford, Hugh Picton,  Catharine  Browne, Virginia Fassnidge, Malcolm Crofts, Rukmini West

No Topics Action
1 Minutes of last meeting agreed.
2 Apologies for Absence: Paul Richens, Andrew Dakers, Kath Richardson, Sam Thomas,  Sheila Churchill, Mary Taft, Cllr. Guy Lambert, Wendy Mackenzie
3 Restart Project: Events are continuing to be arranged in many localities. Details of another one to be held in Brentford is in plan, details  will be forthcoming in due course.  Information about this initiative elsewhere may be found at VF PH
4 Street Care Team, Litter bins: We will continue to press for cans and plastic bottles to be separated and recycled from street bins and street cleaning. And also make every effort to reduce the amount of plastic (increasingly more bottles) which litter our streets and cause so much damage to the environment.  The subject of overflowing litter bins came up – we should raise with Guy some time as this is how litter (particularly plastic) is distributed along gutters and down drains. (“From Street to Sea”) ALL
5 Ealing Repair Café: Ealing Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Support Group are a local group run through Facebook to support local residents in living more sustainable lifestyles. They are organising two  Repair Cafes for Clothes and Textile Repair and Making one on Thursday 19th September and Thursday 17th October 2019  at Northfields Community Centre, Northcroft Road, West Ealing.   Further information will be found at ALL
6 Brentford Together: (London Sustainability Exchange, Friends of Cathja and Salopian Garden – Cultivate London). Dr Bike sessions are still being held in Brentford Market from 10-1 on the first Sunday of every month and sewing sessions continue on Cathja’s Barge. ALL
7 Festival for the Environment: Last year Rin Roche (Cathja) organised a Festival of Waste event in Brentford, and another this year, with similar aims but renamed Festival for the Environment. This meant getting together with other local groups who share the same commitment, encouraging the community to improve the area. This was held in Market Square, Brentford High Street, on Saturday 17th August. BRAG took part sharing a stall, as last year, with Friends of the Earth.  For our contribution to this event we continued our campaign for reducing plastic litter with a new slogan: “From Street to Sea”. We hoped to draw attention to items which are overlooked as being made partially, or completely, of plastic. There was a reasonable turn out of visitors to the event, although we felt we were preaching to the already converted! ALL
8 Great British Spring Clean: Councillor Guy Lambert, has played a very active part in Brentford and has made a monthly event on the third Sunday of each month from 10:00 am at varying locations to litter pick. If there is an area you think which could be improved with some action, please let us – and Guy – know. ALL
9 Brentford Festival: This was held, as last year, in Blondin Park on Sunday 1st September. BRAG took a break from the Festival again this year but committee members and other Braggers attended. The weather was fine and sunny and there seemed to be a great deal of support from other residents. Always a good afternoon out! ALL
10 Marie Curie Coffee Mornings: These continue to be held every month in the Brentford Dock residents club room to raise funds for Marie Curie. The next one will be on Monday 16th September  from 10:30 to 12:30. The Brentford Dock Residents Association have also started producing brunches on the first Wednesday in the month from 11:00 am. All are welcome! ALL
11 Soup Lunches: These are held at Brentford Dock club room on the 4th Thursday of every month  1:00 to 2:30, next one Thursday 26th September. Tasty, healthy, homemade soup, bread and cake! ALL
12 Cathja: We are pleased to hear that Cathja, who had to vacate their premises in Brentford High Street due to the development of the south side, has now reopened at 3-5 St John’s Road, Isleworth TW7 6NA. Please give them all the support you can – we understand they are looking for saleable items! ALL
13 Time Out: The publication of August 27 – September 2 had a special section entitled “Old is the New New”.  A link appears on the BRAG website to this. ALL
14 Macmillan Cancer Support: Join them for a sociable afternoon with music, tea and cakes, competitions and entertainment from local musical and drama groups at the Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock from 3-5:30 on Saturday 21st September. ALL

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday October 1st
7pm Meeting Room, Brentford Dock

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