Support the Hounslow Community FoodBox at a plant sale on Sunday, 12 July

Brentford Voice will be holding a plant exchange and sale in Brentford Market Place beginning at 10.00am on Sunday, 12 July. All proceeds will be donated to the Hounslow Community FoodBox.

Hand sanitiser will be available at the stall and social distancing will the order of the day. If you wish to purchase any plants, please bring a suitable amount of coins and notes.

You can contribute to the event in the following ways.

1)    Bring along a pot or pots of any surplus plants you wish to donate. They will then be sold for a suggested price of £2 per pot.

2)    Bring along your surplus plants and exchange them for any others that take your fancy on our stall. Each exchange will be for the suggested price of £1 per pot.

Brentford Voice would also like to sell any other surplus gardening knick-knacks you can donate. For example, plastic flowerpots and seed trays are currently in short supply. Any other surplus garden items such as hand tools, canes, and twine, would be very welcome. Perhaps you want to get rid of that gazebo!

You can bring your items along on the day or drop them off in advance in the front gardens at 46 Lateward Road or 20 Avenue Road.

We look forward to seeing you!  View the flyer online.

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