Another chance to see Grasp the Nettle

STRIKE! magazine are sponsoring 2 nights of Grasp The Nettle on the big screen in London. The 2nd & 3rd of September we will be screening the film at the Whirled Cinema in Camberwell.

The event is free/ donation to get in but if you have a minute you might want to register at Eventbrite HERE as there are limited seats. If you would like to help promote these screenings that would be great, you could share the flyer or invite people to the Facebook event page

Grasp the Nettle is the story of the eco village by Kew Bridge.


Eco Village

I (Ruk) spent many happy days and evenings at the Eco Village situated by Kew Bridge, enjoying good company, food and music.

It featured sustainability, blooming flowers and vegetables, various art and building projects. Recycling, re-use and reduce were also an ethos and the chance to chill out without any who, what, why and where.

One felt in an oasis – away from the noise and hubbub of the commercial world.

Good old back to basic living.

Its closure was a great loss to me. The site has now been enveloped by a multi-storey block of flats and the ground floor houses a Sainsbury.

You can read more about the Eco Village at Wikipedia (and have a look at the links) and here’s the Kew Bridge Eco Village blog.

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