Trial by Noise: HACAN Stunt this Sunday

HACAN, the campaign against noise which represents residents under the Heathrow flight paths, is to stage an eye-catching stunt on Richmond Green at 11am on July 1st to highlight the start of the noise trials at Heathrow.  Ten judges will be on the Green, holding up the number which residents who may be troubled by the noise can ring to make a complaint.  They will be surrounded by a large banner ‘Trial by Noise’.

For nine months, starting on Sunday, the Government is to allow BAA to operate aircraft during the half day’s respite from the noise residents have enjoyed since the 1970s.  Normally planes landing over London switch planes at 3pm in order to give residents a half day’s break from the noise.  During the trials planes will be allowed to fly in on the “wrong” runway in order to ease delays at the airport.

This is the second trial.  The first lasted for three months last winter.  If, as a result of the trials, the Government wants to make the scheme permanent, there will be public consultation on the proposals.

HACAN Chair John Stewart said: “Residents are worried by this trial by noise.  Although the overall number of planes using Heathrow each day will not increase, they are losing their much-valued respite period.  And there is always the concern that this might be the thin edge of the wedge.”

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‘The optimum handling of 1 Tonne of Waste’

The London Borough of Richmond in association with Inovenergy and The Resource Forum invite you to

‘The optimum handling of 1 Tonne of Waste’

A free Debate & Networking Event on Tuesday 10th July from 10:00 to 11:30 at The Salon, York House next to 44 York Street, Twickenham TW1 3BZ

The Inovenergy 1 Tonne Roadshow is a series of focused, practical, networking events and presentations by leading experts designed to draw out and resolve key issues relevant to practitioners in all sectors working to deliver London’s waste infrastructure and services.

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Group Discussion: Energy in the UK

We would like to invite you for a group discussion to talk about the future of energy production and the role of local groups in participating in these issues. We are a group of researchers at UCL looking into what people think about future energy needs and production in the UK. We are especially interested in finding out about energy-related opinions held by members of local community groups. Thus, we are bringing together small groups of people like you to talk about energy.

This would be a focus group that would last about two hours and we would pay you £20 towards your travel, and donate £40 to your organisation. Food and refreshments would also be provided.  The session would be at UCL, Gower Street, WC1 on May 15th 2012. We  start at 6pm and end by 8pm.

The group itself would consist of eight to ten other people, who, like yourself are involved in environmental groups in London. Expertise on energy issues is not required. Most of the time that you are there, you’ll be talking among yourselves in a group discussion led by an UCL academic.

We will be tape recording that session so that we have a good sense of what people said. We will keep that tape, and anything you say, completely confidential. The research project is covered by UCL code of ethics and our first priority is to protect your privacy.

For planning purposes we would appreciate a brief answer by phone (020 7679 2094) or E-Mail (