AGM 2012, Minutes

Held at The Docking Station
108 Brentford High Street, TW8 8AT
on Tuesday 13 November 2012




Opening and Welcome:  Hugh Picton, Committee Member


Apologies for absence: Monica Robb, Ruth Cadbury, Mel Collins, Catharine Browne, Jenny Illman


Approval of last year’s Minutes:

Minutes from the previous year’s AGM (2011) for acceptance by the meeting.


Committee Members’ Reports:

Hugh Picton (Committee Member) reported on the years’ activities;

this year’s BRAG Green Champion Award was presented to Cindy Gardener for her continued commitment to recycling and green issues.  Congratulations, Cindy!

Douglas Benford (Treasurer) reported the accounts for 2011/2012 stand at £970.80 in credit.

The brag Committee members’ roles for 2012/2013 will continue as previously.


Paul Richens, Horticultural Trainer, Bluedome Synergies, – who as we all remember, was a founder member of BRAG – was our Guest Speaker and gave us a most interesting, enlightening and valuable talk on  Composting.


Cindy Gardener, Waste and Recycling Officer, Environment Department, London Borough of Hounslow then spoke about our changing habits with regard to recycling and waste disposal over the last few years.


We then presented Cindy with her Green Champion Award, which was a basket of locally produced foods and preserves, and a bag made by Rukmini from recycled fabric.


Then followed a Question and Answer Session and other items.


Patti Horsnell, Committee Member, thanked everyone for attending and for their contributions and we adjourned for drinks and refreshments and informal conversation.

Twice a Green Champion, forever green: Meet Rukmini West




Rukmini West, BRAG’s 2011 Green Champion (see photo), should be used to awards by now. But with characteristic modesty, she says that the accolade came as a surprise, and that it has inspired her to carry on with her environmental work.

The award stemmed from Ruk’s noticing that Hounslow Council, although promoting reducing waste in its cafeteria, was using polystyrene food containers. Ruk started a campaign that led to the introduction of reusable lunch boxes.

Just three years earlier, in 2008, Ruk had been named Hounslow’s Green Champion. The award is part of the Council’s Green Guardian scheme and recognises the efforts of people who have helped raise environmental awareness and supported green initiatives in the community.

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