BRAG Comments on Brentford High Street Plans

Redevelopment of Brentford High Street – Ref:  P/2012/2735 00607/BA/P2

As you may know, BRAG (Brentford Recycling Action Group) is a voluntary, non-political community waste action group made up of Brentford residents. Our main aim is to raise awareness of waste and environmental issues, promoting activities and facilities to improve the local environment for the benefit of local people.

With this in mind, we have looked at the proposals for the south side of Brentford High Street which have been presented by developers Ballymore.  There is much to be commended (for example a CHP system that could be connected to Brentford Dock/a town wide district heating system).  However improvement is needed in the following areas:

  • Carbon neutrality – Locally we are very proud that Lord Stern of Brentford published the Report on the Economics of Climate Change in 2006. This is internationally recognised as a milestone report on the economics of climate change and shifted the global debate.  Ballymore’s Economic study (pg 41) suggests that the developer picks up on the Council’s desire: “To ensure that all new developments within Brentford contribute to the Community Plan goal of a ‘carbon-neutral’ borough and address key environmental issues that exist within the area.” At present the scheme’s environmental proposals are not yet ambitious enough in their contribution to this goal in a town that should be leading the way. Continue reading