Recycle Week 2020 is here!

Recycle Week 2020 is being held this week, from 21 to 27 September. The theme is about thanking the nation under the banner ‘Together – We Recycle’.

The organisers, WRAP, want Recycle Week 2020 to recognise the sacrifices that key workers and citizens have made to keep recycling going and create positive change in the world around us. It’s recycling and waste key workers that have heroically carried on collecting while the world slowed down around them.

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Minutes, June 2013

Brentford Recycling Action Group
Minutes of Meeting held in the Directors’ Meeting Room,
Brentford Dock
on Tuesday 4 June 2013


Attending: Patti Horsnell, Hugh Picton, Rukmini West, Catharine Browne, Virginia Fassnidge, Wendy Mackenzie, Cindy Gardener, LBH. Continue reading

Hounslow residents save £2million by recycling more

TWO million pounds has been saved from being thrown away thanks to the recycling efforts of Hounslow’s residents.

The money, which would have had to be spent paying landfill tax, will instead be able to pay for vital services in the borough.

The figure has just been revealed by Hounslow Council which was keen to salute everyone who played their part in helping both the local environment and local economy.


Read the rest of the article on the Hounslow Chronicle and see the delightful photo of our Patti, along with Councillor Colin Ellar and Nicola all dressed up!

Brentford in 2010

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Brentford’s Farmers’ Market

Farmers' Market in the GP car park

Farmers’ Market in the GP car park

2005 saw an attempt to launch a regular Farmers’ market in Brentford, situated next to the rail station in the GP clinic car park.

Eventually it was cancelled due to insufficient take up but BRAG joined in.

Also we see the delivery of recycling containers to Morrisons before we had doorstep collections of plastic. Although the containers look superbly clean in these photos, they were quickly surrounded by plastics debris as the containers filled up rapidly and people just dumped their rubbish.

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Explaining Recycling to Hounslow

BRAG held a join Recycling stall with Hounslow Council in 2004.

Stand up for recycling

Recycling Event, Somerfield

Recycling Event, Somerfield

On 5th June 2004 we made a huge success with our ‘Stand up for recycling’ event outside Somerfield, where we spread the recycling message to our target audience and increased out membership by ten. Special thanks to Hugh, who so unashamedly managed to part people from their money, and April, for passing out the badges and pencils with such style.

This event was a part of London Sustainability Weeks 2004, which was organised by a number of London-wide organisations and went on for two weeks. Theme days were used to focus the public’s attention on a variety of action for sustainability currently taking place.