Danish app helps reduce electronic waste

Økologiske Råd  (Eco Council) in Denmark has launched a mobile app that lets users know where they can get their electronic products repaired, even if the product was bought in another shop and the warranty period has expired. The idea is to inspire people to repair their electronics instead of throwing them out. The app has been developed as part of a project to promote the repair of electronic equipment, thus reducing the amount of waste.

The app is currently available only in the App Store for iPhones (and only for Denmark), but is also accessible at http://reparationsguiden.dk/. The guide additionally contains information on repairs for kitchen and electrical equipment; furniture and fixtures; textiles; hobby and sports equipment; tools; and art and music equipment. The project was financed by a government grant. More information (in Danish) http://www.ecocouncil.dk/udgivelser/artikler/affald-og-spildevand/2431-ny-app-til-reparation-af-elektronik

Break The Bag Habit!

An estimated 10.6 Billion single-use bags will be given out before the government implements new single-use bag legislation in 2015.

A shocking 10.6 billion single-use bags will be handed out at shops in England before the bag charge comes into force on 1st October 2015. The average person in England uses 133 bags per year. In an effort to offset the environmental impacts from this unnecessary delay in implementing the bag charge the Break The Bag Habit coalition are launching new website to encourage supporters to pledge to stop using single-use bags. www.breakthebaghabit.org.uk

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Twice a Green Champion, forever green: Meet Rukmini West




Rukmini West, BRAG’s 2011 Green Champion (see photo), should be used to awards by now. But with characteristic modesty, she says that the accolade came as a surprise, and that it has inspired her to carry on with her environmental work.

The award stemmed from Ruk’s noticing that Hounslow Council, although promoting reducing waste in its cafeteria, was using polystyrene food containers. Ruk started a campaign that led to the introduction of reusable lunch boxes.

Just three years earlier, in 2008, Ruk had been named Hounslow’s Green Champion. The award is part of the Council’s Green Guardian scheme and recognises the efforts of people who have helped raise environmental awareness and supported green initiatives in the community.

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Dining at the Civic Centre

Rubbish Collection at Hounslow Civic CentreThese photos were taken in the dining room at Hounslow Civic Centre (home to Hounslow Council). On the tables were leaflets regarding “reducing your carbon footprint – time is running out”.

Alongside this food was being served into polystyrene containers which cannot be recycled.


Therefore BRAG decided that something needed to change. BRAG took it on board and now there are reusable lunch boxes for sale at the food counter.

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