Support the Duke of Northumberland’s River

The London Mayor’s Big Green Fund has £900,00 to invest in local green spaces. Seven projects are up to win the grant with the local Duke of Northumberland’s River project being one of them.

This river, which is in fact a built waterway, links the River Crane with the River Thames along 4km of traffic free paths, from West Twickenham to Old Isleworth, passing rugby grounds and the delights of Mogden.

FORCE, or Friends of the River Crane Environment would use the money to improve the riverside walk, with better paths and signage along with leaflets. Work would be done to protect and enhance the environment for the continued development of wildlife.

Please vote at Big Green Poll before 2nd March.

Rubbish Duck

Rubbish Duck is a sculpture made out of more than 2,000 plastic bottles, all collected from the Thames and Regent’s Canal. It can be seen at various locations on the canal, on Facebook at or on Twitter  @rubbishduck.

Thames21 River clean up

Supermarket trolley

Supermarket trolley

Thames 21 regularly hold clean up days along the Thames foreshore.

This spectacular sequence of photos shows the mammoth amount of effort volunteers put in, as well as the organising team, to clear up the phenomenal amount of rubbish.

To find out dates of further clean ups visit Thames21

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Thames Clean up in Brentford

Thames Clean up in Brentford

An afternoon in the mud!

Thames 21 Clean Up

About 15 volunteers from Thames21, London Broncos – as well as Buck their large furry mascot – Hounslow Recycling Team, a few of local residents (including the landlord of the Watermans Arms), Andrew Dakers, Diana Hardie and myself from BRAG descended onto the muddy banks of the Thames whilst the tide was out. We pulled out two skips full of rubbish which had been dumped in this small stretch – including the obligatory shopping trolley, tyres, car batteries and old boots, but also an ZX Spectrum computer and two cassette players!

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