Swish your way into a new wardrobe this Saturday at Twickenham Library

Does your wardrobe need an update? Come to the West London Waste swishing (clothes swap) event this Saturday, February 21, at Twickenham Library, and walk away with a new look. At the same time bid farewell to clothing you no longer wear, and send them on their way to a new home.

You can bring up to 10 items of clean clothing (in good condition, please) to the event to exchange for tokens (a maximum of 10). The tokens can be traded for items of clothing others have brought. Continue reading

Minutes, Feb 2013

Brentford Recycling Action Group
Minutes of Meeting held in the Directors’ Meeting Room,
Brentford Dock
on Tuesday 5 February 2013

Attending: Patti Horsnell, Hugh Picton, Douglas Benford, Rukmini West, Virginia Fassnidge, Wendy Mackenzie,





Minutes of last meeting agreed.


Apologies for Absence: Michelle Aspinall-Baker, Paul Richens, Samantha Langton and Jenny Illman (Brentford Dock Management), Dilys Matthews, Andrew Dakers, Kath Richardson, David Eales, London Bike Hub, Catharine Browne, Cindy Gardener, LBH,


Give and Take Day, Brentford Dock: Remains in abeyance.  LBH are still hoping to hold a Give and Take event for small electrical items, clothing etc. but this will be dependent on staff availability.  


BRAG web site: Hugh has requested that, when an opportunity for an award or grant for which we may be eligible, the relevant forms are printed out for him and he will make the applications on our behalf.  Virginia had some information from Hounslow Voluntary Sector Support Service which she will process for Hugh. HP


Noticeboard: Patti and Hugh agreed to make changes to the contents of the noticeboard to display the new posters and information regarding the latest Love Food Hate Waste campaign and to publicise the WLWA Swishing event to be held on Saturday 16th February at Hounslow Library, (Treaty Centre, Hounslow).  Drop off items: 10:30 am – 12 pm, get new items: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm. Please give them as much support as possible. ALL


BRAG NEWSLETTER: Hugh has found a willing supporter who will print a small edition (5,000copies) of one duplexed A4 sheet. We should establish the cost of paper and, provided it is not too great, BRAG will fund this. ACTION SOMEONE?

We still hope to be able to produce the Spring edition in March – subject to Andrew’s availability. We must find how this is to be distributed and to whom.  (The whole of TW8 is 10,000 homes.)   ANDREW, CAN YOU ADVISE?

Some material for the newsletter has already been produced and we should prepare an article on our cotton bag, promoting a ban on plastic bags in Brentford. Wendy has found some environmentally friendly sources for cotton bags in the UK so we should ascertain costs, and how many we will want. She is collating her information and will let us have it. ACTION WENDY

Cindy has already found some prospective suppliers whose products do not necessarily fulfil our environmentally friendly desires! A great deal will depend on cost – we definitely need to know quantities before we can proceed further. HOW MANY?  500? 1,000?

Also, willing shopkeepers who will distribute – we need to know who these will be.

Suggestions so far: any shops on Brentford High Street and Albany Parade, Costcutter near the University, Morrisons, Brentford Dock shop. Other suggestions, please.  Then we must plan a canvassing campaign.  We could also consider delivering a bag with a future newsletter.

Other items for inclusion: from visitors to the recent LBH Road shows: “I recycle because . . . .” and advise about the Tidy Town Service, which will collect up to five items for the minimum fee, so a good opportunity to get together with neighbours and friends to share in the service. Not forgetting the half page for the London Bike Hub.



BRENTFORD FESTIVAL: Will definitely be held on Sunday, 1st September, in Blondin Park, which is accessible from Boston Manor Road, Northfield Avenue and Windmill Road. Further information will be forthcoming, please also watch the TW8 website. We will take a stall, as always, but LBH may not exhibit since the park is not in Hounslow.

NEXT MEETING Tuesday 5 March 2013

to start at 7pm in the Directors’ Meeting Room, Brentford Dock

Hounslow Library Swish

Most of us can’t afford the prices attached to clothing on the catwalk at London Fashion Week but this week you could add some great pieces to your wardrobe for FREE. Celebrate the first London Fashion Week of 2013, by bringing along good quality items of clothing, shoes or accessories that you no longer wear to swap for other great clothing at the Hounslow Library Swishing Event.

Swishing is an fun eco-way to update your wardrobe without spending any money. Every person attending the event is required to bring in up to 10 items to be allowed to take something from the Swish. Items are then swished item for item, as you will be given a token for each item brought in which is then used to get new items.

The West London Waste Authority are hosting a swishing event at Hounslow Library in Hounslow on Saturday 16th Feb which is a free event.

At: Hounslow Library, Treaty Centre, High Street, Hounslow, TW3 1ES

Date: Saturday 16th February 2013

Event Timings:

Drop off: 10:30 – 12:00

Pick up: 12:30 – 13:30

Event Rules:

* Each person must bring at least one good quality item of clothing, shoes or accessories in a good and clean condition to be allowed to take something from the event

* Please make sure that your items you bring to swap are in a condition that you would be happy to receive them in

* A maximum of 10 items can be taken from the event per person (it is the Swishers choice if they wish to bring more)

* Items will be swished item for item (1 item = 1 token)

* Pierced jewellery, swimwear and underwear including socks will not be accepted

* Items that have shrunk or have cleanliness or repair issues (e.g. stains, missing buttons, broken zips, loose sequins or beading, rips, tears, fabric pulls or holes, bobbly bits, disintegrating seams or hems, lint or fluff) will not be accepted

* We reserve the right to amend these rules, rules will be displayed on the day

BRAG gets swishing with its first-ever clothes swap

BRAG's Patti Horsnell inspects the clothing donations. All passed muster!

If you’re wondering why a friend has suddenly turned up with some nifty new outfits, it might be because she attended BRAG’s first-ever swishing, or clothes swap, event at Docking Station on Brentford High Street on Saturday.

BRAG member Rukmini West shows examples of items brought to swish

Even before the doors opened at noon, people were lined up outside with donations of good, clean women’s clothing to exchange. In total, 215 items were collected, including jackets, trousers, woollies, designer dresses, eveningwear, accessories, and even a fascinator, which its new owner says will go to two weddings this summer.

The “taking” part of the give-and-take event started at 2pm, and in the next two hours about 30 people replenished their wardrobes with clothes that others had grown tired of, grown out of, or had simply decided they didn’t need any more.

Docking Station’s cafe did a brisk business, providing sustenance for people who wanted to rest and chat after their retail therapy.

A number of people asked when the next swishing event would take place, with some saying they would like to see swishing in other parts of the borough. So watch this space.

Many thanks to West London Waste, who were partners in the event and provided invaluable support in the form of staff and other resources. We hope they enjoyed the event as much as we BRAGgers did.

And if the idea of hosting your own swishing event appeals, please contact West London Waste or BRAG for further details.