Minutes of BRAG 2013 AGM

Brentford Recycling Action Group
Annual General Meeting
Held at
The Docking Station
108 Brentford High Street, TW8 8AT
on Tuesday 19 November 2013

No Topics
1 Opening and Welcome:  Hugh Picton, Committee Member
2 Apologies for absence: Matt Harmer, Monica Robb, Kath Richardson, Sara Ward, Maggie Thorburn, Eleanor Stewart
3 Approval of last year’s minutes: Minutes from the previous year’s AGM (2012) for acceptance by the meeting.
4 Committee Members’ Reports:Hugh Picton (Committee Member) reported on the year’s activities; the BRAG Committee members’ roles for 2012/2013 will continue as previously.Douglas Benford (Treasurer) reported that the BRAG account currently stands at £2,658.76.Our outgoings included some stationery and website costs; Brentford Festival booking fee; £60 to Brentford Steering Group towards their bags bearing our logo; £300 for the BRAG newsletter printing and £338 for a consignment of BRAG cotton bags.Donations and receipts include £330 from London bike hub for their newsletter advert; £2,045 Community Development Fund, and some subscriptions.
5 Natasha Epstein, Head of Waste and Recycling Services, Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment Department, London Borough of Hounslow, spoke about “Tackling issues and changing with the times”.
6 Thomas Burgess, Waste and Recycling Project Officer, LBH, then brought us up to date with Hounslow’s  ”Flats above shops rubbish and recycling service – the story so far”.
7 Guest speaker: Camen M. Gupta, Operations Manager, Healthy Planet, gave a very interesting briefing on “The Healthy Planet organisation”. This was very well presented and was appreciated by all.
8 Paul Richens, Horticultural Trainer, Bluedome Synergies: As we all remember, Paul was a founder member of BRAG, and he told us about a fascinating course he recently completed at the Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania called ”Soil Life, Full Package”. Extremely interesting and enlightening.
9 Green Champion Award 2013 was then presented to Paul Richens for his continued contribution to environmental issues.
10 Then followed a question-and-answer session and other items.
11 Patti Horsnell, Committee Member, thanked everyone for attending and for their contributions. We adjourned for drinks and refreshments and informal conversation. The evening was a success and enjoyed by all.

Attendees, in addition to speakers and committee members: Joan Burston, Malcolm Crofts, Sophie Rouhaud, Cllr. Ruth Cadbury and Cllr Mel Collins.

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